On beaches, rivers and lakes, lifeguards are getting ready for a busy summer. You can help by getting ready too. From hazards at inland and coastal waterways to the danger of inflatables in open water, and from Summer Water Safety Classes to the safety of the swim zone, Lifeguards from all over Ireland have shared their expert advice right here. Take it to heart. Make water safety part of the conversation around your dinner table. Together let’s make summer safer.

“In a single day, we located eight lost children. Three of them had gone missing at the same time.”

“An incoming tide left nine people stranded on a sandbank. It all happened in 15 minutes.

“A girl I taught in our summer water safety classes used her skills to safely rescue four people. She was just 15 at the time.”

“We see kayaks and paddle boards getting caught up in rip currents, changing tides and offshore winds. The right training is essential.”

“I see so many people jumping into rivers and lakes without thinking. You have to check the depth and be aware of hidden dangers.”

“A father and son went out on an inflatable paddle board and within minutes they were over a kilometre from shore.”


Our images with tips and advice are available in a number of formats and suitable for sharing online. Help us raise drowning prevention awareness this summer by starting a water safety conversation with your family and friends.


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An inflatable flamingo. A fantasy unicorn float. A ride-on water Rhino.

These are bright, colourful, killers.

Never use inflatable toys on open water. They can be swept from shore in seconds.

Get advice on safe summer swimming at watersafety.ie

Better safe than sorry.

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When boating, paddle boarding or jet skiing, you don’t plan to have an accident.

They happen. When they do, you need to be ready.

Always wear a lifejacket on water. Safety is one thing you can plan for.

For advice visit www.watersafety.ie.

Better safe than sorry.

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Water’s calm, sun’s shining. Perfect for paddleboarding. But conditions can change quickly.

Be prepared. Get the right training. Always wear a lifejacket, never paddleboard alone and bring a phone in a waterproof bag.

For advice on paddleboarding and more visit www.watersafety.ie.

Better safe than sorry.

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Invisible. For many, that’s what rip currents are.

Thankfully, lifeguards know what to look for. Take their advice to heart.

Always swim at lifeguarded beaches between the red and yellow flags.

Open your eyes to rip currents and more at www.watersafety.ie.

Better safe than sorry.

Only Swim At Lifeguarded Waterways

Lifeguards are present at selected beaches on weekends during June, and full time in July and August. See our most up to date list of beaches.