At this time of year, it is especially important we all play a role in making drowning prevention part of our conversations with family, friends and neighbours. Throughout these months, we will deliver essential safety messages on the theme of ‘Better Safe, Than Sorry’. We want your help to ensure everyone intending on being in, near or on water has all the safety information they need.

See the shareable resources below if you would like to become involved in our campaign.


Our images are available in a number of formats. They emphasise the importance of always staying warm, staying away from edges and never taking to the water on your own.


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A 20-second radio campaign focusing on just one of the factors that helps open water swimmers and dippers stay safe – staying warm. A serious issue said with a lighter lilt for the season that’s in it. Lots more advice for the Christmas dips at

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David recalls how he got into difficulty when the leash on his surfboard broke. Check out his top tips to avoid trouble in the water when surfing.

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As we adhere to restrictions, please be mindful that most drownings occur close to home. To stay SAFE is to Stay Away From Edges..

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In each of the last ten years, an average of 120 people lost their lives to drowning. Thankfully that number is falling. In 2019, 105 people drowned. But our target has to be zero. One life is one too many. Learn to swim, learn a lifesaving skill, always wear a lifejacket on water. Together let’s bring these numbers down for good.

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Since 1985, the United Nations has designated today, December 5th as International Volunteer Day (IVD). Over one million people volunteer in Ireland every year. Water Safety Ireland volunteers give of their time and expertise to benefit the health and wellbeing of their communities by training Lifeguards for Ireland’s pools, lakes, rivers and beaches, by teaching water safety to schoolchildren and adults in open water and in pools, and by contributing to local and national committees in order to change public skills, attitudes and behaviours so that our waterways can be enjoyed safely. A one-minute video to observe IVD and say thank you to all WSI Volunteers for doing your part to help save lives from drowning.

Press Releases

Our Press Releases are suitable for use by our members and the public alike. Please share and together, let’s bring drownings down.