Water Safety Ireland is promoting and supporting various sport events and competitions around country. Use this page to find or signup for a lifesaving team in your area, to find more information about the upcoming competition, past results, WSI national team and lots more.

Find a Team

WSI Lifesaving Sport in Ireland has a number of teams around the country. Please click here for list of all Teams.

Lifesaving is open to members of all ages:

• Nippers 8-14 • Juniors 14-18 • Seniors 16+ • Masters 30+

Lifesaving activities range from life saving training, education and sport in addition to opportunities for personal development and leadership.


You are required to be registered as an WSI Competitor to compete at any WSI Competition. 

Registration can be done by individual competitor or by team management.

Please Note: If you are already registered as an WSI Voluntary Member, Competitor Registration is not required.

Competition and Results

WSI runs and sponsors a series of events and competition around the Ireland. To learn more about the latest competitions and see the previous results check the ‘Competition and results’ page.

National Team

Get to know the Water Safety Ireland’s national squad, surf lifesaving squad, scores and membership information by clicking on the button below.

Sport Resources

Find forms, WSI newsletters and other useful links and resources in ‘Sport Resources’ page.

About WSI Sports

In 1948 it was decided that Ireland would follow a European initiative and create the sport of lifesaving based on the skills and equipment used in lifeguarding. Get to know more about  WSI sports and commission in our about page.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Water deserves your respect. Know the rules and dangers and always be safe in and around it.