Educating the Lifeguards of the Future

Swim Teachers instructing swimming to children aged 8+ can now teach a new “Junior Lifeguard” programme that gives children introductory lifesaving rescue and survival skills.

Any fully qualified Swim Teacher qualified by any organisation teach this programme and sign off on five certificate levels contained in a colourful 44-page pupil’s manual that is packed with clear teaching points for seamless instruction and activity record sheets for the pupil to track progress.

The manual already contains all certificates for each of the five levels. No further registration is necessary and again the only qualification necessary is that the person delivering the course is qualified as a Swim Teacher with any organisation. The programme has been specifically designed to appeal to children as an introduction to Lifesaving and meets the growing demands of the commercial swim teaching sector.

The material has benefitted from the input of many WSI volunteers keen to ensure that requests to introduce a Lifesaving module for commercial swimming teachers benefits from their experience so that children that might otherwise not be aware of Lifesaving classes receive an introduction that will motivate them to become not only competent swimmers but also Lifesavers of the future.

Supplementing children’s swimming classes with this Junior Lifeguard programme will give children the skills that many will hone as they get older to become our Lifeguards of the future.

Water Safety Ireland – providing programmes to future-proof the provision of Pool Lifeguards.