Water Safety Ireland Council Vacancies

Some of the appointments will be made through the Stateboards.ie website, as described in Section 1 below and some of the appointments will be made through the WSI membership voting system outlined in Section 2 below.

Section 1 – Appointments Via The Public Appointments Service/Stateboards.ie

Vacancies on the Council of Water Safety Ireland are now advertised via the Public Appointments Service on the Stateboards website, with a closing date for applications of 18 November.

Section 2 – Election Procedures For Water Safety Area Committees

1. The election will be conducted by the CEO on the instructions of the Council and in accordance with paragraph 22 of WSAC Rules and Regulations.

2. Any member of WSI is entitled to go forward as a candidate for election, except for existing members of Council who have completed two terms on the Council since 2011, i.e., 10 years. WSACs must not put forward the following WSI Council members: Tom Doyle, Anne Ryan, Seamus O’Neil, Martin O’Sullivan, Michael Cuddihy, Lola O’Sullivan and Paul Murphy.

3. No member of Council should take any part or role in the administration of the Election.

4. The returns and election count shall be completed by the WSI Solicitors on the written instructions of the CEO.
5. The vote shall be a simple ballot i.e., selection by simple majority and the first four candidates with the highest vote count shall be deemed to be successful and recommended to the Minister for the Department of Rural and Community Development for appointment to the Council. In the case of Dublin WSAC, it shall be the candidate with the highest vote count, which gives a total of five nominations to the Minister.
6. In the event of an equal or tied vote the names of the successful candidates shall be decided by lot.

7. The vote of each WSAC shall remain, confidential to the WSACs.
8. The minimum requirement of participating WSACs is 50%.
9. An information pack will be sent out to members by email giving details of the voting procedures for the Election and all relevant deadlines formatted as a simple and clear table. This will also be posted online. Every effort will be made to promulgate the holding of the election amongst the members.

10. When Hon. Secretaries are aware of the date of the first meeting, they will inform their own members.
11. WSI’s Solicitors shall arrange for two Commissioners of Oaths to be present with the CEO at the opening of the ballot and counting of the votes. All three persons shall attest to same with their signature.
12. The basic reconciliation should be a determination of total valid poll, results will be made known to all candidates and published.

13. A valid vote shall indicate a clear preference for a maximum of four candidates from panel A and one from panel B. Any vote which is not a valid vote may be deemed a spoiled vote.
14. Examples of spoiled votes shall include:
• Votes which purport to elect more than four candidates from panel A or more than one from panel B
• Votes where no selection may be discerned

For more information on the election contact the elected officers of your Water Safety Area Committee.