AquaDash is an ‘endless runner’ game, where Splash navigates the many hazards and obstacles that can be found at a beach, lake or riverside, collecting points and bonuses as he progresses. When he encounters dangers, River, will invite Splash to answer questions on best water safety practices before the game can continue.

AquaDash supports in-classroom learning and provides a safe platform for stimulating real-life scenarios without risk. The player can navigate inland or coastal waterways, learn about real life hazards in each location and gain an understanding of key safety messages while on, in or near waterways.

Our PAWS characters, Splash and River play a central role in AquaDash with ‘Splash’, the polar bear, leading the player through each scenario and ‘River’, the otter, guiding players through the key water safety learnings. AquaDash allows for the opportunity to extend the learning beyond the classroom as well as to broader age-groups and audiences.

The game, which was developed by PURE Exp in Dublin, will also be available as a mobile App, encouraging play outside the classroom, as well as among people from all age groups!

PAWS (Primary Aquatic Water Safety) outlines essential life-saving guidelines that every primary school child needs to know.

The programme, which is a free educational resource, available in English & Irish, features a series of beautifully illustrated lessons and workbooks that include a wealth of tips and advice, as well as interactive games and puzzles that will reinforce the safety lessons learned.