Martin O’Sullivan, Chairman of Water Safety Ireland

A Message From Our Chairman: Cancellation of Summer Weeks 2020 due to Covid-19

Dear Member of Water Safety Ireland

The burning question on most of your minds is one that Council has been at pains deliberating – will Water Safety Ireland’s annual Summer Weeks and other summer programmes take place this year?

The answer I am afraid, is no. Our rich tradition of open water swimming and lifesaving training conducted by our Volunteers nationwide has to be cancelled for the protection of all volunteers and participants alike.

This will come as no surprise to many and a disappointment to all and it has been a very difficult decision for Council to make but we will persevere.

Please – make plans for the future and as you deliver this sad news to eager parents and guardians, encourage them to show their children our new resources on and together we can still ensure that they have the knowledge to stay safe. By all accounts, they love the games, puzzles and exercises which is important as we must encourage our next generation of Lifesavers to love open water.

As I write, our Taoiseach is outlining Phase 1 of the easing of restrictions and the message clearly remains the same: Stay Home – Stay Safe.

Best wishes to you and yours that we all stay safe and well as we look forward to running summer weeks next year.

Yours sincerely

Martin O’Sullivan

Chairman, Water Safety Ireland.