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Heading for a Christmas Day swim? Here’s 6 top tips to see you through safely…

SOME DO IT for charity, others simply because it’s always been part of a family tradition; whatever the reason, a Christmas Day swim always seems like a great idea… until you actually reach the edge of the water. Nevertheless, it’s something thousands of Irish people go through with at beaches and swimming spots all over the country. Tens of thousands more turn up to show their ‘support’ — shaking their heads at the brazen bathers and laughingly shouting encouragement.


Think before you jump in, 124 people drown in Ireland every year

THE RECENT SPATE of good weather has seen a huge increase in the number of people flocking to the water to cool down. The country’s beaches, rivers and lakes are a popular destination when the sun comes out but just because it’s relaxing to dip in the water – doesn’t mean you should relax when it comes to your safety.


There’s been an increase in jellyfish sightings on Irish beaches – here’s what to do if you see one

“If a child starts poking them they’re likely to get stung,” John Leech of the Water Safety Ireland said.


A craze with potentially lethal consequences

A NEW CRAZE has hit the UK – and it could put lives at risk. Lifesaving organisation in Ireland and the UK have issued warnings over a new mermaid fad due to drowning fears following the death of a teenager in Greece earlier this month. The trend that has popped up in the UK of wearing a monofin – a mermaid tail – to swim in pools and seas has sparked concern with the Water Safety Ireland (IWS).

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