What We Teach

The aim of this course is to enable employees to have an awareness of the dangers and knowledge of working safely in a water based environment. The programme will be delivered by Water Safety Ireland accredited personnel. Topics covered will include workplace hazards, health and safety, personal safety, rescue techniques and rescue equipment. This course is certified by Water Safety Ireland, the statutory body for Water Safety in Ireland.

Water Safety Awareness Course

Find the right course for your workplace. Water Safety Ireland provides two main options to employers and staff.

  1. General Awareness & Online Course (3 hours) – Presentation based suitable for a broad staff base.
  2. General Awareness with pool (5 hours) – Presentation and pool based. Allows staff to experience use of equipment in safe environment.

The course co-ordinator will help identify your staff needs, make tutors available and liaise with you in organising and running the course.