Water Safety Classes & Adult Swimming Lessons

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Water Safety classes include;

  • Safety 1&2
  • Safety 3&4
  • Endurance (minimum age 12)
  • Rescue 1 (minimum age 13)
  • Rescue 2 (minimum age 14)
  • Rescue 3 (minimum age 15)
  • Rescue 4 (minimum age 16)
  • Adult swimming Lessons (Minimum age 16 – no Max !!

You have to successfully complete all courses in the above order to continue moving to the next.

Please include the following details inemail ASAP as places will fill up fast. You must register with LimerickCity waterSafety before the start date.

Full name :

Age :


Address :

Contact number :

Previous exams passed :

Enrolment is now open , please email with above details complete and I will send you on further information to have filled up . Payment will be made on the first night from 7pm.

If we get enough interest in swimming lessons for Adults  we will run these at the same times as the water safety classes so please express your interest especially for Adult classes. UL Sport run a comprehensive kids swim program so please contact them for kids lessons.

Pool Lifeguard Courses (PLG) are run subject to demand in the area by various providers. To be eligible for this qualification you must be 16 years of age or over and recommended to have at least Rescue 2 completed. Again please direct all enquiries through [email protected] and we will put you in contact with the providers

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