If you are organising a charity swim event, you have a responsibility to ensure adequate water safety measures are in place, to reduce the possible risks to attendees. Water Safety Ireland provides guidelines for a number of charity swim types including charity dips, swims up to 3km and swims over 4km.

Organisers should also be aware of the following:

  • It is appropriate to inform local Gardaí about the event.
  • An application to the local authority may be required for permission to access the location.

Charity Dip

Examples: Christmas Day/ New Year’s Day swim

  • 2 fully qualified Lifeguards (with first aid kits)
  • Coastguard should be notified

A Swim Up To 3 Kilometres

  • Kayak/ Paddle Board for every 12 participants
  • Plus 1 suitable Motor Craft for 50 participants – to lift any participant who gets into difficulty
  • First Aid provision
  • Coastguard needs to be notified
  • Tow Floats are recommended for each swimmer

Swim From 4 Kilometres Up

  • Kayak/Paddle Board with each participant
  • Plus 1 suitable Motor Craft for 10 participants
  • First Aid provision
  • Coastguard needs to be notified
  • Tow Floats are recommended for each swimmer

Suitable Craft: Motor Craft with prop guard/Jet Ski with qualified personnel.

EAP: Organisers should have an Emergency Action Plan.


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